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Legal Team Dedicated to Recover Investors Losses in Puerto Rico Closed-End Bond
Fund Portfolios

Nationally recognized securities law firms have joined together along with prestigious Puerto Rico Law firms, as one legal team, in the advocacy of investor rights representing Puerto Rico investors who suffered losses from investments in UBS Financial Services of Puerto Rico (“UBS”) Closed-End Bond Funds and Puerto Rico Municipal Bonds.

Silver Law Group and Dimond Kaplan and Rothstein, PA are currently investigating violations of Financial Regulatory Industry Authority (FINRA) rules and regulations that resulted in investment losses in UBS Puerto Rico Closed-end Bond Funds and Puerto Rico Municipal Bonds. The investigation involves the sales practices of UBS Financial Services of Puerto Rico, Popular Securities and Santander Securities concerning the failure to comply with FINRA rules and regulations which may result in a legal cause of action filed in a FINRA arbitration claim. The FINRA violations may include:

Unsuitable Investment Advice       Bank Loans and Margin Calls
Breach of Fiduciary Duty       Negligence
Misrepresentations & Omissions       Conflicts of Interest
Excessive Markups/Markdowns       Geographic Concentration in Puerto Rico
Failure to Supervise

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We work closely with several Puerto Rico based law firms as co-counsel to assist in these claims. The law firms are committed to the advocacy of investor rights throughout Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican Investors who are interested in learning what action could have prevented the losses are encouraged to contact the firm.


Contact us to file a UBS bond fund loss arbitration claim.Demande contra UBS en arbitraje FINRA sobre perdidas en valores de UBS Financial Services de PR.


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